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(no subject) [Aug. 5th, 2006|01:08 am]
Laptops are freaking sweet. Right now, i'm sat in the 'office' doing some 'business'

If i told you that office was short for toilet, do i need to explain the rest...

The only annoying thing about laptops is when things go wrong. one of the main reasons is the battery. now this isn't something you can run to the store and buy a 12 pack of. these batteries can be a real pain in the ass to find. such as the one in this laptop. an official replacement would have cost me about £120. now in TF monet, that's 5 alternators. 5!

Everywhere i looked, they are all around that ballpark figure, that is untill you look for the good old Chinese knock-off. And thus i have a new replacement battery that only cost me £70. great, so far the battery is working nicely and it isn't doing any impressions of a Dell laptop (Fire in the hole! she's gonna blow!)

Granted, it required a dremel to make the battery slot a bit bigger (even though it was claimed to fit my model of laptop) but hell, i made it fit and thus i'm happy. It's all set now for a trip to Botcon.... provided i can get a new XP install into it. for some reason, the new CD drive i had to replace reads CD's just fine in wondows, just doesn't want to read them as a Boot CD.. great.

In other news, the ever growing pile of Photoshop projects continue to grow, if it'll ever get finished, who knows..


My Alt nemesis prime arrived from Ebay. i'm very happy with him despite some limited articulation points. it's a nice figure and really suits Nemesis prime better than Optimus Prime.

I haven't made one in a while, but i'm thinking of making a new Transfunnie comic at transfandom. but i'm a little lacking on ideas, especially since the last one i did flopped, probably cause the SSBB trailer i paroyed it on was out a lot longer than when i was hoping on getting it done, prehaps the joke was lost by then.
i have toyed about the thought of using Nemesis prime in the new transfunnie, protraying him as a bit of an emo. reason being that the stereotypical emo soundtrack features linkin park songs, of which some song lyrics can reflect perfectly with the whole shitstorm that has been caused by the NP Hasbrotoyshop screwup. plus NP is all black so wouldn't look out of place with the emo crowd :p

I said in one of my previous posts that i have a hard drive in my PS2, well i've put it to good use by downloading and installing the Transformers Takati game. Which for a japanese game surprised in that it's in english! and does use american terms and names, such as autobots, decepticons and optimus prime are a noted few. it takes a little getting used to the controlls, but if you've played any of the Gundam games, you should be used to transformers in a couple of tries. What's fun is the voice acting.. in english. some of the voices try thair damnest to sound like the G1 cartoon, but there's some cases where you go "Wheeljack sounds like Tracks" and "soundwave sounds like Prime" but all in all, for a japanese game, it's quite surprising
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(no subject) [Jul. 29th, 2006|02:56 pm]


I think i would sell a few internal organs to get this.. shame it's a custom job by some japanesse figure god.
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Looking back on old entries [Jul. 27th, 2006|10:46 pm]
Damm... Looking back on the last few entries, a LOT has changed...

The plan was for me to switch rooms in my house with my Sisters room in order to have more room for my stuff.. and it did work.... but not anymore, my room is packed with stuff! thing is though, what's taking up the space is kitbash projects and gundam model construction. And yet.. it still doesn't stop me from getting more.. strange.

The Nova is gone.. When it's MOT test came around. It failed miserably.. It would have cost more to repair everything than it would have buying a new car, thus i did. I'm now rolling around in a Honda Civic GL 1.4 (Yes, You can yell now that i'm a civic ricer faggot) but like i care, it's my car and i can do what the hell i want to it. Already i've added a rear wing to it, And i'm quite pleased with it. what's more is that i saved a lot of money on it, picked it up in a garage sale for only £2. when i get around to it, i'll probably post pictures.

I mentioned that i did a marathon of the Xenosaga Anime series. Well i went ahead and got the game. problem being that it wasn't released in the US, i had to get an import copy from the USA. Now, how do i play it.. i could either buy a US PS2, or mod my existing UK PS2. i went with the mod option as it would be cheaper... but i wish i went ahead and just got a US PS2. I wanted a mod to my PS2 that required no soldering. My PS2 has soldiered on without fault for over 2-3 years (compared to some people's PS2 that died after a few months work), there was no way i was going to kill it with a soldering iron and a wire in the wrong place. This meant that i'd have to use a Swap disc. So i went ahead and purchased swap magic 3, a well known swapdisc package. I also opted to use a fip top case mod, rather than using the slide tool methid. cause with slide tools, you have to remove the front panel of the Cd drive, and i don't facy doing that and lettign dust in. a flip lid is also cool for taking out CD's while the machine is off.

Anyway, modded the PS2, got a copy of Xenosaga. tried it and.... Didn't work. i was livid (though i also imported from the US the Gundam RPG game 'MS Saga, which did work) upon further researching, i discovered that Xenosaga was on DVD-9 media (a Dual layered DVD for the laymen's terminology) and thus swap discs wouldn't work. So i had to think of a way to play my game i spent so much money on.. And to the rescue comes.... HD Advance! This is what i should have done in the first place. HD Advance actually uses a Hard drive to run games from. All you need is a PS2 with the large expansion bay in the back, and a Network adapter. luckily i had both of these. So, digging around, i came across a 40GB hard drive which is a good size for this. used my PC to make a ISO image of the Xenosaga game, then copy that to the 40GB hard drive, install that in the PS2, run the HD Advance software and ensure it was plugged into a NTSC TV and BINGO! i played Xenosaga 1. Good thing about running games on the hard drive is that it works faster than a CD drive, thus loading time is reduced a lot. And also.. the undocumented benefit of using a hard drive.. You can download the game ISO files fromt he internet and play them. And remember i said i wanted 'Another Century's Episode' Well... now i have it, downloaded from the inta-web, installed and now can play. i just now need to work out in japanese what all the friggin' menu's are for.

And after 43 hours of play, i did complete Xenosaga. It was a good storyline and overall a good game to play, only downside would be the cutscenes/FMV... My god, some of them ran on forever. you could start a cutscene off, leave the room, go downstairs, make a sandwich, go to the bathroom, take a dump, come out and read a book, return to your PS2 and the damm cutscene would still be playing!
But at least they were good cutscenes.. voice acting wasn't that bad, Kos-mos's voicework was pretty good considering that she's supposed to be a machine. Plus it had Richard Epcar as Ziggurat 8 (Ziggy), yes, frigging Batou from GITS:SAC.

Since i completed XS1, i went and got Xenosaga 2. And my god, i know why people hate it.. The battle system now is so annoying at times, and the Voice acting is dire in places.. not to mention that someone else is voicing Kos-mos and she just lacks the cold authority that XS1 Kos-mos had. But, from the looks of things, The VA fro XS1 Kos-Mos will be back for Xenosaga 3. I just hope to god that Xenosaga 3 will be released in the UK. since 1 flaw about HD Advance is that it can't handle multi-disc games (Where the game asks you to swap discs mid-game) so there'd be no way i could play a import copy of XS3.

And i do want to play it, because the new Kos-mos model is so good looking it makes me want to pitch a tent... IN MY PANTS

Bringing things up to date, or near about.. Peter Cullen as Prime in the new movie... I can't hold back my inner fanboy.. thank god. I mean, if you haven't seen the video in this link, you should. http://www.blackfilm.com/20060721/features/transformers_cc.shtml is a video from the movie pannel from SDCC where a tape recorder was held up to a microphone, and Peter cullen had recorded a special message to the fans. It sent chills down my spine hearing (you could say) the greatest leader ever 'rallying the troops' for the movie.. just... wow.

My Alt Nemesis Prime from Ebay has now shipped, soon it shall be mine... i hope. and now i can have the Dodge ram alternator without having it assoiated with Optimus Prime. That's what my MP Convoy is for, my Optimus Prime for Alternators.

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(no subject) [Jul. 21st, 2006|02:29 pm]
Holy crap, When was the last time i updated this...

Ah yeah, the great NP fiascio of 2006. Someone asked me to make it, and there it is, a signature proclaiming the great big crash that has transfans baying for blood... or twinkies... something.

Life has been quiet on the english front, aside from still being in my crap job. man does it suck, but at least i'm getting better at it. prehaps soon i may start aiming for the next level upwards in the company... soon complete domination shall be mine... de arimasu.

And with that comment brings me to "What anime have i been watching" ku kuku kuku kuku... If you haven't guessed it, my prayers have been answered and a fansub group has picked up the great 'Keroro Gunsou' anime series. I love it, alien frogs, cute girls, gunpla (gundam plastic models. Keroro is addicted to them, like me) if you haven't watched it yet, GO NOW!

I've been recently playing Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War online with a few friends. And i like very much. and what i'm using to play online is a program called Hamachi. which allows you to set up a LAN type network over the inta-web. Very nice since you can avoid the retards on the official game servers and if they break down, you're not affected. plus it should be capeable to allowing web hosting, instant messaging and file transfers. but i got to read about how to do it first.

My Photoshop is being retarded, which is hampering my work. the poly lasso tool which i use for cutting out stock images from their BG's keeps making the picture disapear, very annoying, i have to resort to using the eraser tool which takes far too long. Some people have hinted that my pirated version is corrupt, so i'm downloading some new installs to see if the problem will be fixed.

Oh and i got my laptop working at last, it was shelved for a long time due to the battery and CD drive being dead. but after exaustive searching for replacement parts, i came across a 3rd party battery on ebay, and a CD drive from another make of laptop. Things didn't go as smoothly as planned though, the battery didn't fit (even thought the page mentioned that it would work for my chassis) but i got it to fit in the end, if it did mean taking a dremel to the battery compartment to make it bigger. Same with the CD drive, had to shorten the end plate. But they all fit and they all work, perfect cause i'll be needing it for....


Yes, i'm going again. but for the last time for a long while. Everything is booked and i'm doing something different this time. last year, i caught a train from my town of Plymouth to London Gatwick airport. This year however, in order to get to the airport early enough, i will be catching a PLANE from plymouth airport. it cost me much more than the equiviliant coach journey, but when it takes you 6 hours + 1 change on coach compared to 1h45mins on a plane direct. i think it'll be money worth spending. especially since last year, i was knackered like hell coming home, and i had to change trains. not fun when lugging 2 cases of TF's around.

Oh yes, Transformers... This year i'm going out to Botcon with 1 thing in mind... picking up the last few Cybertron figures i want, and finding some of the BTA/Kiss series. being the anime crazed idiot i am, i kinda like these anime figures that come with the BTA/Kiss series. but some of the actual TF's are nice too, like BTA Alert. i've always had a fondness for the Subaru Impretza, and it looks damm good as a police car. I'm tempted to rip off the head on my Alt Prowl to put on the Alert frame, making a proper police prowl... or at least 1 that can stand up (my prowl's ankles are so loose, he's DUI)

In other news, I frequently listen to the Otaku Generation Podcast. I find it informative and damm funny as hell. any anime fan, tech geek, bored person should listen to Otaku Generation. their forum's isn't that bad either and what is quite amusing is that on the podcast, there's a segment called 'Nickname me' where listeners can email in a bit about themselves, and the OG crew will give them a OG nickname. One of the amusing things is that they don't hold back on nickname suggestions, and can result in some rather funny names. but the cool thing is that on the OG forums, people are registering their accounts as their nicknames. So if you're ever curious, i'm 'The Googler' (don't ask why)

Hinting at the Signatures, a while ago, i got into a 'sig war' with fellow TFD member and xenosaga freak 'Agent X' and this resulted in us trading 'signature smacks' for a while. here's what i made:

There was no winner, but we all had a laugh in the end.

And on that bombshell, it's time for me to wrap this up, catch ya later, hopefully sooner than my last update was >_
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(no subject) [Sep. 20th, 2005|08:23 pm]
T'was the night before Botcon, and all through the house. Wing Zero's still packing.. and i can't be bothered to finish this sentance.. meh..

First off, Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid r0xx0rz. If you're a fan of FMP and you haven't seen TSR yet, WHY ARE YOU NOT WATCHING IT!

*cough* ahem.. yeah, go watch it, it's cool.

Galaxy Force has been getting better and better. Shame much can't be said about the US dub adaptation Cybertron which is.. how shall we say.. Ok at times. the subistution of certain names and dialogue is annoying me a little.. But, "Back to the Future" references for the win! Everyone should have a Flux Capacitor.

And let's not forget the lover sailor scout with attitude.. Chromia

Oh, and it seems that even the Japanese are accepting Override as a girly bot. just look at this

Also on the 'Something new i've watched' front. Yes, i've finally gotten around to downloading and watching Naruto. Started with the US Dub episode actually. good storyline, reasonably good dub cast, but after hearing about how much was edited, i grabbed a copy of the original japanese with english subtitles. first off, More blood = better. why are people so freaked out about blood pouring out of a person. he's been freaking stabbed, of course blood will come out. but at least they kept sexy Jutsu. that was funny. and Naruto's attempt at replication for his test. i had to laugh at his results..

I wonder if he knew of this easy way to become a ninja..

Anyway, i'm getting outa here. many things to do and never enough time to do them...

P.S. Oh, it looks like Sam and Max are back ^_^ http://www.insertcredit.com/archives/000589.html
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No, i don't wanna edit my old post, i'm making a new one dammit. [Sep. 9th, 2005|03:35 am]
In other related stories.. As i said, i've been Ebaying a lot. Now that i have a job with a insane paycheque attached, i can afford to get some things that i always wanted.

An airbrush and compressor is on the shopping list, just as soon as my local model shop gets the one i want back in stock. And have i got some beauties i want to try it out on.


First off, it's 1/144 scale gundam models of the Wing Zero Custom, and the Gundam Nataku. Along with the 1/144 Gundam Sandrock Custom i already have, i also bought myself a 'super detailing' kit from hobbyfan.com, which include new head sculpts, feet, and other do-dads. Unfortunatly, the website i bought the SD kit from neglected to mention that it didn't come with the neccessary rubber joints and poly caps needed to complete it. "Oh cock" was the reply, and thus because i didn't want to send it back, i got a partial discount, then turned to HLJ.com, and found some suitable parts there. if they're 100% successful or not, who knows, but stay tuned cause if they do or don't i'll vent here about it.


And while at it, i decided to also get the 1/100 scale version of these Gundams too. either way, i'm happy, and once i get my airbrush, i can make them look good.

Next up, something that i don't need an airbrush for, but thankfully comes pre-painted already.


Yes, that is a lot of figures from Ah my Goddess. I've always been a fan of the series and i got the odd figure or 2.. that was untill i saw that this seller had the full series of the AMG figures as 4 seperate auctions all close to each other. It took a while, and was most nerve racking.. but i bid sniped them all.. (I'm just pissed off more about the auction that got pushed up to $70, that hurt. but considering how low i got the rest, then compare it to a price for one figure set i found in a UK store, it's definetly cheaper)

And finally, the item that neer was mine, but by a second chance, definetly was going to be mine.


This has to be the cheapest Perfect grade Evangelion unit 01 i have ever seen on ebay and online stores. the fact it was already in the UK was a bonus for cheaper shipping costs. the first time i saw it. i placed a bid, but got bid-sniped in 2 seconds. My heart sank. It wasn't till the next day, i had an email, the seller relisted it again, with a buy it now tag, and thus i did. but the real bonus came when i recieved an mail from the seller. he offered some more items he had for sale that were not on ebay, one of which was something i've been wanting since it was launched. the Master Grade Wing Gundam Ver. Ka. i asked how much extra it would be. £25 extra on the £50 for the eva, inc shipping. I tell you, i've seen prices for the MG Wing in excess of £40 with the shipping, so to get the chance at one for just £25 was too much to resist.

I know, i'm a sucker. but i'm a sucker with massive savings yo!
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it's 3:28 in the morning. Botcon is only 12 days away. [Sep. 9th, 2005|03:28 am]
What the fuck am i still awake for... Oh yeah, cause i was having a Xenosaga anime marathon.. but besides that, i'm a little depressed at the moment.

When i'm away at Botcon, My room will be switched with my sisters larger room (cause i need the room dammit, i keep ebay-ing for things.) it's just sad that everyday, i've been packing all my stuff up into boxes. My room's gone from a mass overcrowding of Transformers, gundams and Zoids to.... emptyness.

Al my anime figures have been packed (I miss my 9" Natsume Aya) and up next will be the Manga. And someday, i'll have to unplug the PC and PS2 and other do-dads i've got wired up in this room. it just sucks that i have all these cool things and i can't see them anymore.. Even my Galaxy Convoy has been packed away...

But on the plus note, when i come back from Botcon, not only will i have my purchases from the US, but i can unpack and re-display all my other figures and robots. hopefully on new bookshelves and tabletops. but that's 2 weeks away... And i hope they'll pass quickly (but not to quick, i still have packing to do)
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Densha Otoko (The Train Man) [Aug. 27th, 2005|03:03 am]
The visions dancing in my mind,
The early dawn the shades of time.
Twilight crawling through my windowpane.
Am I awake or do I dream,
The strangest pictures I have seen,
Night is day and twilight's gone away.
With your head held high and your scarlet lies,
You came down to me from the open skies,
It's either real or it's a dream
There's nothing that is in between
Twilight, I only meant to stay a while
Twilight, I gave you time to steal my mind
Away from me

No, I've not been thrown back to the 80's and Electric Light Orchestra. It's a the intro theme to a new Live action show from Japan i've been watching. Densha Okoto is the story about an anime Otaku called Yamada. One day while traveling home from Akihabara on the train, He happens to find himself in a position that'll change his life.

Sat on the other side of the train is Aoyama-san, a rather beautiful lady. A drunk passenger starts to hassle the female passengers, and then focuses on Aoyama. Yamada stands up, pulls some courage from inside and puts an end to the drunken rampage.

He comes home and logs into a message board, telling all about what happened to him. The other members are skeptical but interested about this, Wondering if Yamada will ever hear back from the woman he saved on the train.

That is untill he recieves a gift of thanks from Aoyama... Along with her cell number on the shipping label. And from the first call to the first date, The series follows Yamada, who has been dubbed Densha Otoko by the message board members, as he establishes a relationship with Aoyama-san.

But could a hardcore Otaku change into a proper gentleman for Aoyama-san? there's love, pain and a whole lot of anime merchandise. (Gundam fans should check out Yamada's room)
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Welcome to the Jungle, We got fun and games [Aug. 12th, 2005|01:41 am]
[Current Mood |Rockin']
[Current Music |Welcome to the Jungle - Guns and Roses]

How ironic while listening to an animated Music Video of Guns and Roses's "Welcome to the Jungle" i score this in a test

Take the quiz: "What 80's Metal Band are you? (with pics)"

Guns'n Roses
Guns'n Roses. Trully unique sound and look. No one else is like you.

Anyway.. Last post, i was annoyed at finding a bargin i couldn't capitolise on... Well, thanks to Unicorna of Transfandom.com. I have managed to order my own PG Zaku II and it's slowly heading it's way to me ^_^

http://www.ace-game.jp/ is a link to the official site to a game called Another Century's Episode. This is a game that i so desperatly want to play.. but probably will never be able to unless i get an Jap import of the game and a Jap PS2 to play it on. Best way to descrive it would be Super Robot Wars meets Armored core. Better way to describe it. Go to the website, and check out their video section. either way.. WANT!

Or more in particular.. i want the sequal, Another Century's Episode 2. Which will feature the gundams of Endless Waltz. Behold, links to big pictures filled with lots of little pictures of the game in action
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(no subject) [Aug. 5th, 2005|03:57 am]
bah! f*****g Amazon.com!


I want! seriously!

But damm amazon.com won't ship internationally.. So i need to find a Paypal friendly american friend to play 'middleman' for me...

Damm amazon.. a few months ago, it was a Perfect Grade Wing Zero Custom for that price.. and i missed it.. i just hope i can at least wrangle up help before they sell out..

On other things.. Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid rocks!

And so does Tessa
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